Here was my first attempt at creating a unified web identity. I spent six months working on it; it lasted online for about a week. The triumph for me was the method I used to shape the site's visual design around the map of its contents; each branch of the site had a unique design that framed its material in creative (and, I hoped, unexpected) ways. This included the handful of mini-blogs that made up Rinich-the-blog III, which was the first time I tried to create structures around my natural web behavior rather than shape my behavior to the blog I wanted to write. Almost immediately after launching it, I became concerned with how little the site's design reflected my actual personality. Rinich was too polished and too polite. It was well-crafted, but dishonest. I shuttered it, and for a year kept blank; I wanted to spend time away from any sort of online identity before
creating anything new. With the brief exception of Rinich-
the-blog IV
9 months after the shuttering, I avoided any
personal page until I felt I knew precisely what I wanted. back to Rinich II