Yours ever, Sam.
from the seaside if you can.
all this is about, because I don't. I think you should stay away
hundred yards of average sunbathers. I hope you know what
find an inch of silk or a single powerful muscle in any
never ripples, unless with gooseflesh. In fact, he defies you to
Even a back without these blemishes, he claims, seldom or
warts, boils, moles and midge bites and floppy rolls of skin.
This is making me ill, but Tom says go on. Peeling sunburn,
yellow skin, blackheads, pimples, enlarged pores and tufts of
bulging, and backs with ingrained dirt. You will find, he says,
themselves. There you will see backs - backs stringy, backs
beach this summer and watch the male citizens there sunning
glaring example. He invites you, he says, to walk along a
matters you should consider too, but that was a particularly
consider the human back. He says there are many other
Tom wishes you, for some reason I can't understand, to
Dear Polly,

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rory marinich.
css shadow experiment #1.
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this passage is an excerpt
from the astounding
fire and hemlock
by diana wynne
jones. rest in