A Simple Ritual                       by rory m

When I write, I just sit down and write. I wait until I know more-or-less what
 I want to say, then I write until I think it's said. Later I'll edit away anything
unnecessary. Unless I like it. Everything that I like is necessary.
  But when I PUBLISH, there's a routine. I need to make sure everything looks
the way I want it to look. In the case of this new blog, I also need to decide
 what that way is. Then I need to update all the things that would reference
this post, because right now I'm updating all my various pages by hand.
     1. I have to change the previous article to link to this new one
        ahead of it.
   2. I have to update the blog index page with a new link.
         3. I have to update the RSS page, and write a summary.
    4. I have to add the link/summary to the tumblelog, so that Tumblr
         followers can see the new post.
  There's something soothing about the process. It makes me look at my article
 a few times, so by the time it's online I know it pretty well. And it slows my
  pace down. I write very quickly, and I frequently write more than one thing,
so taking the time to stop and read over what I've written calms me, to a
   But mostly I'm writing this down so that I don't forget what to do.
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