We got tired of “things.”

Tired of all these things that weigh us down and keep us standing still.

Tired of cheap wristwatches and expensive calculators. Tired of three boxes full of airplane paperbacks, half a crate full of the CDs and LPs we liked ten and twenty years ago.

Tired of seventeen wires colored gray and black, hidden behind cabinets, stuffed under tables, keeping all our things ticking along. Tired of tiny screens and magazines and bundling up newspapers for the curb every Monday night for the Tuesday morning trash.

Tired of all the waste in the world. Tired of the pyramids of trash, the factories of laborers assembling plastic trinkets that are fun for two hours and last for a thousand years. Tired of living in a world without thinking about what the world must think of us.

These aren’t problems that are going away any time soon. But that’s exactly why we have to start worrying about them now, while we still have a chance to make things better.

The iPad isn’t magic. It’s not going to make your life better. It can’t pick you up and turn you around and decide that today’s a different day. That’s your responsibility.

But it’s not just a thing. It’s a lot of things at once. It’s a screen that can turn into anything screens can be. It’s a textbook for class. It’s a game to play on the bus. It’s a library and a CD collection and a tiny cinema that curls up with you at night in bed.

It’s anything you want, and nothing you’re sick of. That’s all we can offer you.

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iPad 1981 written and typeset by Rory Marinich. Inspiration.
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