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if controls seem unresponsive, click in the center of the screen to make sure the browser window is focused. alone will not work properly on internet explorer 7 or below, or on operaalone is an allegory for human existence in the 21st century. there are no goals per se, but one might explore the void in which the character sprite (a small blue pixel at the center of the screen) originates, and observe carefully its reactions to stimuli Artist Statementalone was a funded interdigital active-media experiment made possible by Stanford Multimedia Exploratory Labs under the supervision of Dr Gregory Spinelli. research students included Francis Lapute, Corey Belzinski, and Jonas "Yellerman" Anojas. thank you for helping us explore our dreamless dreamscapes, your participation is what keeps us funded.accolades: ----"My favorite new indie game[…] It is a simple yet devastating indictment of modern life. (MetaFilter)